Privacy Hub by Wrangu introduces Intelligent Integrated Data Mapping and Data Life cycle Management powered by INDICA

Amsterdam, February 4thWrangu and INDICA are pleased to announce their strategic partnership which facilitates an all-inclusive solution for integrated data mapping and data life cycle management across the organisation.

“I am delighted that the INDICA partnership will allow us to do something that our clients have been requesting – finding, mapping and managing their personal data – within the Privacy Hub”

Lee Grant, CEO of Wrangu

Intelligent Automation and Simplified Workflows Integrated into the comprehensive Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub by Wrangu

The partnership enables clients’ entire system infrastructure to be analysed and mapped for personal data. INDICA’s smart platform indexes and highlights personal data which is evaluated against the Privacy Hub’s extensive knowledge of our clients’ processes, Records of Processing Activities, Data Subject Rights, and more, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The Privacy Hub, enhanced by information as to where personal data resides within the organisation, also allows for smarter data subject request execution, saving time and money.

Many of the world’s largest companies trust Wrangu, above any other privacy management vendors, to deliver quality integrated risk, security and privacy solutions.

Sharek Ullah, Chief Product Officer at Wrangu: “This is a game-changer. Combining the power of the Privacy Hub with the strength of INDICA greatly enhances the capability of our offering and provides our clients with a more comprehensive Privacy Management Solution.”

  • Real-time DATA MAPPING and Personal Data Identification
  • Always up to date ROPA
  • Automated DATA SUBJECT RIGHTS Requests execution

Willem Tacken, CCO of INDICA: “The partnership between INDICA and Wrangu will provide an all-inclusive solution, ensuring you can now truly have control of your personal data. Data mapping and identification of the personal data residing in your company is now a reality.”

This solution will be available to customers this month, February 2020. 

Pieter Scherpenhuijsen, Technical Director of INDICA: “We are truly excited to combine the strength of the INDICA data discovery tool with the comprehensive power of the Privacy Hub by Wrangu. True data driven privacy management has arrived.”

For additional information, or to request a demo, visit the indica page or email

About Wrangu

Wrangu provides tailor-made software and solutions for integrated risk, security and privacy management based on the platform of ServiceNow. The company was founded in 2016 with the mission to build tailored software solutions to enable clients to manage very complex requirements regarding security, privacy and integrated risk management.

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About Indica

INDICA is an independent, young and dynamic, technology-driven, company founded in 2014 by IT professionals. INDICA combines Enterprise Search, eDiscovery, Privacy Suite and Data LifeCycle Management functionalities in a single platform providing disruptive insights and tools for a truly data driven organizations and organizations on a journey to being data-driven. 

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Lee Grant, CEO | +31 (0)6 30225842

Evin Menacer, Global marketing manager | +44 (0)203 124 1305


Willem Tacken, CCO | +31(0)6 42120716

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